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EV Chargers for your Car Dealership

Powering The Electric Vehicles in Your Showroom

Selling an Electric Car? You need a Charger.

As interest is growing in electric cars and the demand for test drives becomes more common place, it is now essential for a car dealership to install electric vehicle charging stations into the dealership. This will deliver a number of the following benefits to the dealership:

Green Brand

Show your commitment to a green future and be ahead of your competitors

Test Drives

Reduce recharge times & optimise your test drive schedule


Impress drivers with high states of charge & car performance

EV Champion

Become an EV Champion and a known location for EV sales

Why TSG Charge?

Having surveyed, prepared and installed chargers at over 300 automotive locations across Europe, TSG Charge considers itself a perfect partner in either building or delivering an EV strategy for each location. We can manage everything, from working with your associated brands preferred hardware manufacturer, to implementing the electrical cables, to training your staff on how the charger functions.

Your journey into selling more EVs starts with TSG Charge. Contact us to get electric vehicle charging stations installed in your dealership in Ireland.
electric car chargers for dealerships
TSG Charge Ireland infrastructure

Choose which EV Charger suits you!

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