EV Chargers in the Workplace – The Benefits & an IT Company Case Study

ev chargers for workplace benefits

Adoption of electric vehicles in Ireland is accelerating. EV Sales increased by 11% at the start of 2020 and the Government is aiming to have all new vehicles sold in Ireland to be zero emission by 2030. This means that your employees are either currently searching for EV charging solutions or will be in the coming years. With this in mind, it makes sense for your company to invest in and install EV chargers. Not only can you benefit from the Accelerated Capital Allowance tax incentive but there are several other reasons to install EV charging stations in your company. These reasons will be discussed in today’s post alongside a case study of a recent commercial EV charging station installation we carried out for a major customer in Ireland.


1. Accelerated Capital Allowance Tax Incentive:

The ACA tax incentive for energy saving equipment allows local businesses to deduct the cost of the equipment, including EV chargers, from their profits in the year of purchase. This leads to a reduction in tax paid that year of 12.5% the value of capital expenditure.

ev charger benefits

2. Employee satisfaction

By providing the means for your employees who own EV to charge their vehicles, you’re offering a real incentive to both current and future employees. Having Workplace EV chargers allows your employees to conveniently charge their car and not have to worry about charging during their down time or having to install their own personal home charger. Providing this service may even encourage other employees to purchase an electric vehicle.

ev charger benefits

3. Sustainability

By installing and providing EV chargers your business will benefit from sustainable branding. Both clients and employees want to know that the companies they purchase from or work for are playing their part in the sustainability movement. Installing EV charging points is a step in the right direction to becoming a greener brand and to long-term sustainability for your business.

electric car charger benefits

4. Leadership

Companies who embrace future technology and sustainable trends are often seen as industry leaders. By embracing the green revolution which is becoming more and more important you’ll show that you care about both the planet and of course, your employees. You will show others that your company is looking ahead. This type of industry leadership attracts attention, employees and clients.

benefits of electric car chargers

5. Back Office System

TSG Ireland can provide the back office system in conjunction with the charger manufacturer or a Charge Point Operator to provide monitoring, management and extensive reporting features for customers. This enables fast response and quick fix maintenance of the charging infrastructure. Included are an RFID card and Mobile phone App for all EV drivers to use to activate their charging session and provide a record of their charging history. Online payments can also be processed for charging sessions depending on company policy.

ev charger benefits for business

ev workplace charger benefits

EV Workplace Charger Case Study: Global IT Company, Co. Cork

Recently, we undertook an installation project for a Global IT company in  Cork who were looking to reap the benefits of EV installation – in particular augmenting the services offered to their employees.

workplace ev chargers benefits


The client for this project operates an IT manufacturing facility with its European headquarters located in Cork. This project involved the provision of 11 No. dual port 22kW 3-Phase AC chargers with Type-2 connectors for employee use.

Nature of work undertaken:

The ChargePoint CP4100 model was the EV charger model chosen by the customer and installed by TSG Ireland for this project. Our electricians are ChargePoint certified installers.

The manufacturer was also on hand to assist with troubleshooting any issues that arose during the installation or commissioning process. Our electricians use test equipment  to simulate an attached EV to test each Type-2 connector as part of the commissioning process to ensure full functionality before handover to the customer. In the event of any issues during service we had the full support of the manufacturer, backed up by our spare parts inventory in our warehouse.

As these works were carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health and Safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance to us. Updated health and safety policies and procedures were observed to ensure a safe working environment during this time. TSG provided 3 personnel to the site to perform the installations as quickly and as safely as possible, including certified electricians to complete the works.

This installation will have numerous benefits for the company and its employees as we discussed earlier in this post.

benefits of electric car charger stations in the workplace

Commerical Electric Car Charging in Ireland with TSG Charge

With an ever increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure, customers are looking for one single EV charging supplier to provide world-class charging solutions, installation and service. Let us here at TSG Ireland be a valued partner for your business. We will find the best EV charging solution for your needs and provide expert installation and service. Contact us today on 01 461 9800  to discuss your businesses’ EV charging needs.

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