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As charging networks invest heavily in infrastructure across Europe, the need for an EV Charger Maintenance partner is becoming increasingly prevalent. TSG is an experienced maintenance business with electricians, engineers and technicians strategically placed around Ireland. It is our job to ensure that we can meet industry-leading response time SLAs and deliver all work following the highest Safe Electric practices. We are also ISO accredited.

TSG offers two different types of service levels in EV Charger Maintenance:

1. Preventative
2. Corrective

TSG electric car charging team

Preventative Maintenance

Whether it is proactively maintaining the condition of your site or the functionality and condition of the chargers, having a preventative EV Charger maintenance partner such as TSG is essential. We guarantee an excellent charging experience for the driver while also ensuring that your assets are in operation for as long as possible.

TSG Charge fleets

Corrective Maintenance

TSG has spent over 30 years building a comprehensive multi-energy service and EV Charger Maintenance network across Europe. We pride ourselves in delivering to tight timescales whilst also always prioritising the Health and Safety of personnel and customers. With the demand on EV Chargers increasing, an EV Charging Company such as TSG is an essential partner for ensuring optimal network uptime and customer experience.

TSG Charge Ireland Service Map

Electric Car charging map Ireland

TSG Charge Ireland Service Map

You will find us all around Ireland!

We cover all areas of Ireland, and can therefor guarantee fast and reliable service. We are right there where you need us.

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